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Over the past months I have noticed quite a few articles about the growth of Google’s Android operating system.

Yesterday, I read an article in mX, a free commuter newspaper with the headline “Android is taking over” (Sydney ed., Friday Aug 13,2010, p.5). According to the article, 10 million Android phone were sold in four months to March 31 compared to 8.7 million iPhones. Whether the hype surrounding the launch of the Apple iPhone 4 puts the iPhone back out in front is yet to be seen.

The article wass published at the same time Oracle lodged writs against Google for patent and copyright infringement. Sun Microsystems, the company that developed the Java platform, was acquired by Oracle at the beginning of the year. The patent-owner had a very positive relationship with the open-source developer community whereas it seems that Oracle  is taking back the reigns and in a effort to maximise the financial return from it’s new assets.

While Google has described the lawsuit as ‘baseless’ Oracle alleges that Google has known about these issues for about five years, according to a CNET article.