“Gazing is such a wonderful thing, and one we know so little about. In gazing we are completely turned outwards, but at the very moment when we are most outward-turned things appear to have happen within us that have waited longingly until they are unobserved, and whilst these Gazingthings happen within us, without us, perfectly and strangely anonymously – their significance grows in the object outside, a convincing, strong name, their only possible name, in which we bissfully and reverently recognize what is happening within us without ourselves reaching out for it, comprehending it only very gently, from some distance, under the sign of a thing that just now was alien to us and in the next moment will be alienated again.”

Rainer Maria Rilke in a letter to his wife, Clara Westhoff, dated 8th March, 1907. Quoted in Selected Poems with parallel German text, published in 2011 by Oxford University Press.