Explaining Preferential Voting in Australia

An Australian Greens member has come up with a novel, alright, comical way to explain how preferential voting works for the House of Representatives at an Australian Federal election. Even better, Patrick Alexander has offered the comic in a few different formats that can be easily shared or printed.

Page 2 of Patrick Alexander's neat comic about preferential voting.

Page 2 of Patrick Alexander’s neat comic about preferential voting.

Also known as the Alternative Vote (such as in the UK where a referendum was held in 2011), the preferential system is a form of instant-runoff voting. Patrick has aimed at keeping it simple so has focussed solely on the Lower House (that is, the House of Representatives) and the fairly simple green ballot paper you will be given inside a polling booth.

If you do head over from here and make use of Patrick’s comic strip, make sure to drop him an appreciative line in the comments section on his blogpage.

Another accessible explanation of preferential voting is this video from C.G.P Grey’s YouTube channel:

[youtube id=”3Y3jE3B8HsE” width=”620″ height=”360″]