Via Occupy Sydney Media:

After an eighth day of peaceful protest, two citizen protestors are asked to leave a public space without reason. Seconds later, police turn violent, tackling the men to the ground.

We have further footage that documents this incident. Will be released shortly.

Emergency GA re-affirms the consensus that this is a non-violent protest.

This means we will not stand for police violence.


More video to be added to this post as it is made available.

Update 10:45pm: The Occupy Sydney General Assembly has decided to make no further comment on the arrests today & I gather has asked that people not publish photos or video of the incident. Occupy Sydney media team member Kate Ausburn has commented on this decision:



After this video was posted she tweeted, “I believe today’s #OccupySydney GA decision wasn’t about censorship, but consideration of those involved in arrest.”

It remains to be seen whether media team members choose to publish video and photos of the incident in which the two people, one of whom it seems was affiliated with the Maritime Union of Australia, were arrested.

Update 11pm: OccupySydneyMedia has published footage of a protester being arrested.



Update 11:20pm: Photos of today’s arrests in Martin Place by Kate Ausburn.


More footage of the incident that marred an otherwise fantastic day at Occupy Sydney:

Update 11:35pm: Idunnonews has just posted a very quick overview of tonight’s incident – Police assert dominance at #Occupy Sydney – and promises a longer yarn tomorrow after a good sleep.

A protester and witness to the arrests comments on what he saw:

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