Approx 50 people arrested. Hundreds of riot police and other police attending. Approx 80 occupants told they had 10 mins to leave but police moved in prior to the 10 mins and began arresting people and confiscating property. The police informed occupants that people would receive an infringement notice. Many occupants were injured after attempting to peacefully link arms and refusing to move. One person has been arrested for incitement after having moved away from the site. Some of those arrested include people from the local homeless community who have been actively participating in the occupation. – taken from OccupySydney statement.


First vision of police raids on Occupy Sydney emerges:

Update 7:35am: Video: Mark Goudkamp speaks with ABCNews24 about this morning’s raid.

Update 7:50am: Occupy Sydney have called a defence strategy meeting tonight at 5pm in the lobby of the Tower Building, at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Update 9am: Sydney Morning Herald: Police dawn raid clears Occupy Sydney protest. & Police arrest 40 in ‘Occupy Sydney’ raid. Poll: Were police right to clear the Occupy Sydney site in Martin Place?


Update 11:40am: Police deny using excessive force – AAP via (Murdoch)

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