This video originally posted on stefwpiot‘s YouTube channel.

Length: 21:08

Description from stefwpiot:

At 12:08 she says “I agree, it’s shit, and not the way it should have happened, but what choice did we really have?”

 I was holding up a sign with a QR code on it which links to the recent Police raid on Occupy Sydney, it can be seen here

 Anyway, I was standing next to the police and showed them how the QR code works as they inquired. I demonstrated scanning the code for them and one officer watched the whole 20 minutes video.

 Note I do not utter a single word during the entire video, in fact I accidentally led them to believe I was mute (she actually asked me if I was deaf but I’m sure she meant ‘mute’) as I was given legal advice to say literally nothing to police.

 I have blurred a portion of the source footage seen at the top left (which I will hopefully get permission to host shortly) and removed a second or so of audio from the Policewoman video but only to protect the source. What I have removed isn’t any statement about the video or Occupy, it was an only an (unanswered) question about the source.