This video originally posted on stefwpiot‘s YouTube channel.

Length: 0:43

Description from stefwpiot:

I printed a QR code linking to a YouTube video and was holding it up at Martin Place. This occured AFTER the other Policewoman had watched the 20-minute video on my phone, keeping in mind that I’d stuck these posters up BEFORE the 20-minute video viewing session.

Later, Miss Piggy comes and tears down one of my signs, but leaves a mess of remains. About a third of the QR code and most of the sticky tape was left on the pole.

This tells me her intent was to destroy the QR CODE and therefore the LINK, and NOT to remove the poster as a whole due to regulation or litter laws. She ACTUALLY LOOKS BACK to check the spot where the poster was but then just ignores the rubbish that she left and walks off.

So, if it was her intention only to remove the link, why? The video contained what her superior, Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch, called “utmost professionalism” and Police acting “lawfully” according Premier Barry O’Farrell.

Think about it.

PS. The QR code is now invalid.