Here’s my list of favourite blog posts from World Mental Health Day 2011.

» World Mental Health Day: Treatment Remains a Challenge Around the World – World of Psychology

You generally don’t hear much about people who have cancer who fail to get treatment. Cancer is the kind of incentive that makes getting treatment, let’s just say… a priority. You also don’t generally hear about people with other chronic concerns – whether it’s diabetes or Parkinson’s disease – who either don’t seek out treatment themselves, or get denied treatment from their public health system.
Why do I share my story of mental illness? by Lee | SimpLee Serene

I am asked on a regular basis WHY & HOW? Why do I share my story? How do I deal with people opening up to me about their own mental illness?

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists is encouraging Australian governments to provide better services:

Mental Health Day

PEOPLE with the highest rate of mental illness often received the least support for their problems, the nation’s psychiatrists say. In a message to mark World Mental Health Day today, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists is encouraging people to look after their mental health and for governments to provide better services.
Linda Wemyss’ blog has an anonymous guest post that is a must read in light of the cuts to ‘Better Access’ in Australia.

Warning: Contains talk of suicide and self harm.
LindaMadHatter: Guest Blog

Someone has asked me to post this for them – they wish to remain anonymous. As of November 1st, those of us with a "severe and persistent mental illness" (I’m using official political lingo here) who rely on Better Access to keep our heads above water will be forced to take a minimum of 2 month therapy break.
I empathise with the comments made by the person who took this photo. I’m feeling much the same at the moment:

A life slowly ebbs away
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Mental health at Work — Still the elephant in the room?:

Blog – Mental health at Work — Still the elephant in the room?

Stephen Bevan Category: Health and Wellbeing
@ClickADD44 gives a few tips to draw upon when waiting for treatment:
» Mental Health Day: Drawing From the Well – ADHD from A to Zoë

I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration lately, and about faith. As we recognize World Mental Health Day here at Psych Central, I’m aware that conditions for those of us who struggle with emotional challenges vary widely around the globe.
Need help? These Australian helplines are available:
Emergency help – Help now – Find – ReachOut Australia

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