“Every dollar redirected from Better Access, as part of these measures, will be re-invested into other and new mental health services targeting some of the most disadvantaged people in our community.”

ALP Jerk Senator Services Cut Despite Senate Report

Those words will be of little help to the thousands of Australians with a mental health disorder who found out just a few days ago that they can’t receive any more treatment until next year. Some of those people will be strong enough to hold out until new years day, resuming their psychotherapy in 2012, but what then? If they need psychological treatment, the Better Access program has been cut back so severely that now they will only be able to access ten appointments. Even if they only saw their therapist once a fortnight next year, by May 2012 they would be faced with the prospect of having to wait 7 months until they can get another appointment through Medicare. These cuts to psychological services have only just begun to hurt distressed people in our communities, and sadly, we are holding our breath in hope that our decision makers will wake up and reverse this decision before it costs lives.

(via winifredjay)