Thang Ngo speaks with fellow SBS foodie Luke Nguyen from Red Lantern about why he put together today’s 3hr, $160pp, four course Long Lunch in Freedom Plaza, Cabramatta, as part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival. Luke also talks about his new series on SBS TV commencing Thursday Feb 24 where he travels the Mekong River, and his new book, where he looks at the French influence on Vietnamese cuisine and he talks about how the influences of his travels make it onto the menu at Red Lantern.


I’m sure that this video will feature in a post by Thang on really soon so I suggest that you check out his blog which is celebrating its 2nd birthday! Noodlies is my favourite site to check out when I want to try something new in my area. I’m pretty certain it’s the most comprehensive food blog on the great dining on offer in Cabramatta, Canley Vale, Canley Heights & even further!

Update: Thang’s post, Luke Nguyen’s Long Lunch, Cabramatta, Vietnamese, is now online at